'Alector (pronounced: /əˈlɛktər/; Ancien Greek: Ἀλέκτωρ) refers to more than one person in classical myth and history:[1]

  • Alector, the father of Leitus.[2] Homer calls him "Alectryon",[3] and Diodorus "Electryon", naming him among the sons of Itonus.[4] According to John Tzetzes, Alector was also the father of Clonius, Arcesilaus and Prothoenor (his nephews according to Diodorus) by different mothers: he is said to have fathered Leitus with Polybule, Arcesilaus with Cleobule, Prothoenor with Arteis, and Clonius with Acteis.[5]
  • Alector, a son of Anaxagoras and father of Iphis, king of Argos. He was consulted by Polyneices as to the manner in which Amphiaraus might be compelled to take part in the expedition against Thebes.[6][7]
  • Alector of Sparta, son of Argeus and Hegesandra, father of Iphiloche (or Echemela), who married Megapenthes, son of Menelaus.[8]
  • Alector of Elis, son of Epeius, brother of Hyrmine. He was allied with Phorbas of Thessaly. By Phorbas' daughter Diogeneia, he became father of Amarynceus.[9][10]


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