Saint Aldebrandus
Bishop of Fossombrone
Born 1119, Sorrivoli, Italy
Died 30 April 1219, Fossombrone, Italy
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Major shrine Fossombrone cathedral
Feast 1 May
Attributes epsicopal robes holding the cathedral he built
Patronage Fossombrone, Italy

Aldebrandus, also known as Hildebrand, was a Bishop of Fossombrone. Having been born in 1119, at Sorrivoli, Italy, Aldebrandus went on to study at Santa Maria de Porto a commune near Ravenna, Italy. After being ordained to the priesthood, Aldebrandus was appointed provost at Rimini, where his bold preaching against a sinful living but him at odds with figures in authority, and having led Aldebrandus to flee the area due to death threats. In 1170, he was appointed Bishop of Fossombrone[1]. He would build a cathedral there. One miracle which is attributed to Aldebrandus, is that of the elderly bishop when he was bedridden with illness, his servants brought him a cooked partridge, but Aldebrandus couldn't eat it as it was a day of fasting, so he prayed over the bird and it came to life and it flew away[2].


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