Albanian Mythology comprises myths and legends of the Albanians. The elements of Albanian mythology are of Paleo-Balkanic origin and almost all of them are pagan.[1] Albanian myths can be divided into two major groups: legends of metamorphosis and historical legends.

Many of the characters of the Albanian mythology are included in the "Albanian Songs of the Frontier Warriors" (Këngë Kreshnikësh or Cikli i Kreshnikëve), the traditional cycle of Albanian epic songs. In various tales there is a certain degree of Greek and Latin influence, some mythological figures derive from Greek mythology.[2]

List of legends, myths, ballads, and characters

Some of the best known legends, concepts, ballads, songs and/or characters of Albanian mythology are:


Further reading

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  • Martin Mato "New View on old Text" in newspaper Albanian Daily News, f 10 30 Nov. 1996, Tiranë

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