Alavaka also Hatthaka of Alavi, was one of the foremost lay male disciples of the Buddha, mentioned in text along with Citta in the Buddhavamsa xxvi.19 and considered the foremost in gathering a following using the "four bases of sympathy" which he describes as being:

  1. he gives gifts
  2. he talks with kindly words
  3. he does kindly deeds
  4. he treats people with equality

He was the son of a ruler of Alavi. His given name was changed to "Hatthaka" after Buddha saved him from being eaten by a Yakkha (or Yaksha) spirit named Alavaka. His name "Hatthaka" (hattha means "hand") comes from his being handed over by the yakha spirit to Buddha upon his conversion.

He was an anagami (non-returner) and was born in a heaven called "Aviha" where he would attain Arahant status.

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