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Alam Chand Handa, was a sikh of Guru Arjan Dev. As says Bhai Mani Singh in Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, Alam Chand, along with Bhai Murari Anand, Bhai Kaliana, Bhai Nanori, Bhai Latkan Bindrao and Bhai Saisaru Talvar, once came to the Guru and spoke with folded hands, "O support of the supportless, show us the way to liberation." The Guru said, "Practise the shab(a)d, or the sacred word, and serve others."

Alam Chand said, "Lord, our minds are humble as long as we are listening to the sacred hymns, but they go wayward the moment we leave the Sangat. Guru Arjan explained: "Constant practice is the remedy. Pride results from ignorance accumulated through several births. Presevere, therefore; and you will gain humility." Alam Chand and his companions bowed their head in reverence.


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