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Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation "was established in London in 1988 by the Yamani Cultural and Charitable Foundation. It is housed in a historic Jacobean manor: Eagle House.

"The Foundation aims to document and preserve the Islamic written heritage. It pursues this aim principally through its work in surveying, cataloguing, editing and publishing Islamic manuscripts." [1]


  • Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani : Chairman
  • Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoghlu : Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Sharaf Ahmed Zaki Yamani : Member

Previous board of directors members:

  • Professor Talat Ghunaimi
  • Dr. Zaki Mustapha

International advisory council

  • Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani : Chairman
  • Professor Nasseruddin al-Assad : Member
  • Professor George Atiyeh : Member
  • Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoghlu : Member
  • Professor Enes Karic : Member
  • Professor Salahuddin al-Munajjid : Member
  • Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr : Member
  • Professor Abd al-Hadi al-Tazi : Member
  • Professor Juan Vernet : Member

Previous international advisory council members:

  • Sheikh Hamad El-Jassir (1910 - 2000)
  • Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ahmed al-Rifai
  • Sheikh Mahmud Shakir (1909 - 1997)
  • Dr. Syed Vahiduddin
  • Professor Annemarie Schimmel (1922-2003)
  • Professor William Montgomery Watt (1909 - 2006)

Board of experts

  • Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani : Chairman
  • Professor Francois Deroche : Member
  • Dr. Muhammad Haitham al-Khayat : Member
  • Dr. Muhammad Adnan al-Bakheet : Member
  • Dr. Abdullah Yusuf al-Ghunaim : Member
  • Professor Iraj Afshar : Member
  • Professor Ibrahim Chabbouh : Member
  • Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoghlu : Member

Previous board of experts members:

  • Dr. Anton Heinen (1939-1998)
  • Professor Yusuf Ibish (1926-2003)


  1. Introduction, Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation, accessed August 30, 2007.

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