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Ajahn Metta was born in 1953 in Germany. She became an Anagārikā in 1993 at Amaravati and took higher ordination as a Sīladhāra in 1996. During her monastic life she has been involved in many areas of the community.

Currently she is helping with the organization of the kitchen and taking care of visiting nuns. She is one of the group of senior nuns leading the Sīladhārā community. For the past few years she has been teaching meditation workshops and retreats.

Prior to monastic life she worked as a secretary and office assistant. She is a mother of a grown-up son and was living a family life before entering the monastic path. She has been practising meditation since 1984 and has experience of living in other spiritual communities in Europe and Thailand (Wat Suan Mokkh).

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