Venerable Ajahn Maha Boowa (commonly known in Thai as หลวงตามหาบัว, Luang Ta Maha Bua;​ alternate writing Ajahn Maha Bua) is the common name of Pra Dharma Visuthimongkol (Thai: พระธรรมวิสุทธิมงคล​), a Buddhist monk from Thailand. "Ajahn" or "Acharn," meaning "teacher," is the common honorific for Thai monks, a rough parallel to "Bhikkhu" or "Rishi" in other Buddhist traditions. Ajahn Maha Bua is amongst the most well known Thai Buddhist monks of the late Twentieth Century, and is regarded by some to be an Arahant — a living Buddhist saint. He was a disciple of the highly-esteemed forest master Ajahn Mun Bhuridatta, and is now himself considered a master in the Thai Forest Tradition.

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