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Ahinoam is a Hebrew name literally meaning brother of pleasantness, thus meaning pleasant.

There are two references in the Bible to people who bear that name:

  • A daughter of Ahimaaz, who became a wife of Saul[1] and the mother of his four sons and two daughters.
  • A woman from Jezreel, who was captured by David while he was at war with Saul, and became David's wife[2][3], and the mother of Amnon[4].

It is possible that both of these women named Ahinoam to be different accounts of the same woman, as the references to a woman called Ahinoam being Saul's wife are all ascribed by textual scholars to the account of the republican source of the Books of Samuel[5], while in the passages ascribed to the monarchial source[5], the only mention of a woman called Ahinoam is the description of her as a wife of David.


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This entry incorporates text from the public domain Easton's Bible Dictionary, originally published in 1897.sw:Ahinoamu pt:Ainoã

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