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Agnostic neutralism is the philosophical view that encompasses belief, and agnosticism. The agnostic neutralist, also called neutral-agnostic, is one that holds a neutral attitude regarding belief in the existence of a god or deity(s). Agnostic neutralists are neutral because they do not hold the belief in the existence of a god or deity(s) as true or false, and agnostic because they do not claim to know that a deity exists or does not exist. The agnostic neutralist may be contrasted with the agnostic theist, who does believe that one or more deities exist but does not claim to have knowledge of such, while the agnostic neutralist may also be contrasted with the agnostic atheist, who does not believe that any deity exist but does not claim to have knowledge of such.[1][2][3]

Views of agnostic neutralism

Individuals who identify as agnostic neutralists may argue that they prefer to be "nonparticipant" in prioritizing theistic or atheistic beliefs and claims. Agnostic neutralism is distinguished from apatheism in that the agnostic neutralist is not necessarily "apathetic" regarding the existence of god, or lacking religious motivation, but instead open to the idea of any or all possibilities, claiming that the existence of god is equally as likely as no god existing on the basis that neither has definitive evidence.

The agnostic neutralist may also argue that agnostic theism is the positive belief in god, while agnostic atheism is the negative or negation-of belief in god, and that since one can effectively have a "neutral" stance to belief itself, they must then be considered neither theist or atheist leaning, but rather neutral as they hold both "sides" equal in their potential to be true.

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