In the Book of Judges (1:4 - 7), Adoni-Bezek, (simply "lord of Bezek"), was a Canaanite king who, having subdued seventy of the chiefs that were around him, was attacked by the armies of Judah and Simeon. He was defeated.


Adoni-Bezek was brought as a captive to Jerusalem following his defeat, where his thumbs and great toes were cut off, which rendered him harmless as a future warrior, as he could no longer run nor draw a bow.

Later life

According to the Hebrew chroniclers, he confessed that God had requited him for his like cruelty to the seventy kings whom he had subdued. Compare 1 Samuel 15:33). Otherwise, nothing is known of his life after his mutilation.


Within months, or possibly just weeks following his defeat, the ex-king died, probably of an infection caused by his mutilation.

Though he had subjugated seventy other kings, his name is missing in the list of city kings in Joshua xii. 9-24.

Compare Adonizedek.

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