Adina is a Biblical Hebrew name meaning delicate, slender, refined or gentle. Its origins are from I Chronicles 11:42. I Chronicles 11:42 says it is the name of a reubenite warrior who was in King David's army known for his bravery.

English: Adina the son of Shiza the Reubenite, the head of the Reubenites, and with him [were] thirty [men].

Hebrew: ‏עֲדִינָ֨א בֶן־שִׁיזָ֜א הָרֽאוּבֵנִ֗י רֹ֛אשׁ לָרֽאוּבֵנִ֖י וְעָלָ֥יו שְׁלֹושִֽׁים׃

Typically, Adina is the feminine version of the name; the male forms are Adi or Adin. It is a popular name for Romanian girls who are, among other things "delicate, slender, refined, and gentle" in accordance with the name'sأدينا cs:Adinahu:Adina sv:Adina