Adelardo Cattaneo (died before October 1214) - Italian cardinal and bishop. His first name is listed also as Alardo.

He was canon of the cathedral chapter of Verona. Pope Lucius III created him Cardinal-Priest of S. Marcello in the consistory of March 6, 1185[1] (or in December 1183[2], or in 1184[3]). As such, he countersigned the papal bulls issued between April 20, 1185 and October 28, 1188[4]. He participated in the papal elections of 1185 and October 1187, and possibly also in that of December 1187 and 1191[5]. In the pontificate of Pope Clement III he served as papal legate in the Holy Land[2]. Towards the end of 1188 he was elected bishop of Verona; he was confirmed by Clement III and took possession of the see in the following year[2]. At that time he resigned his titular church of S. Marcello, but retained his cardinalate and signed the documents as "Cardinal-Priest of the Holy Roman Church, humble bishop of Verona". He died after July 17, 1212[6], but before October 13, 1214, when his successor was elected.[7]


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