Abu Sinan
Abu Sinan
District North
Government Local council
Hebrew אַבּוּ סִנָן, אבו סנאן
Arabic أبو سنان
Population 11,900 (2008)
Area 4750 dunams (4.75 km2; 1.83 sq mi)

Abu Sinan or Abu Snan (Arabic: أبو سنان‎; Hebrew: אַבּוּ סִנָן‎) is an Arab local council in the Galilee region of northern Israel, with an area of 4,750 dunams (4.75 km²). It achieved recognition as an independent local council in 1964.


Abu Sinan had a population of 11,900 by June 2008, of which 54.7% are Muslim, 26.4% are Druze, and 18.9% are Christian.


According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, the town had a low ranking (3 out of 10) on the country's socioeconomic index (December 2001). Only 63.6% of students are entitled to a matriculation certificate after Grade 12 (2000). The average salary that year was NIS 3,629 per month, whereas the national average was NIS 6,835.

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