The Aberdeen doctors is a term given to a group of six scholars working at Marischal College and King's College, Aberdeen. Until 1635, they enjoyed the leadership of Patrick Forbes, Bishop of Aberdeen. They are distinguishable not only for their positions at Aberdeen, but also by their opposition to the National Covenant of 1638. Their adherence to Episcopacy and their support for the Articles of the Assembly at Perth (1618), which prescribed several Episcopalian forms of worship, form the backdrop of their opposition to the Presbyterian Covenanters.

List of the six "Aberdeen doctors"

  • William Leslie, Principal of King's College, leader after death of Bishop Forbes in 1635
  • John Forbes of Corse, theologian at King's College and son of Bishop Forbes
  • Alexander Scroggie, scholar of King's College, Minister in Old Aberdeen
  • Alexander Ross, Scholar of King's College, Minister in Aberdeen
  • Robert Baron, Professor of Divinity at Marischal, Minister in Aberdeen
  • James Sibbald, Professor of Natural Philosophy at Marischal, Minister in Aberdeen


  • The Answers of Some Brethren of the Ministerie to the Replies of the Ministers and Professours of Divinitie in Aberdene, Concerning the Late Covenant. Also, Duplies of the Ministers and Professors of Aberdene, to the second Answers of some reverend Brethren, Concerning the Late Covenant, R. Young: Edinburgh, 1638.

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