in <date y=1753/> Muslims from North Africa, appear in the records of South Carolina Council Journal, No. 21, Pt. 1, pp. 298-299. The two men, Abel Conder and Mahamut (Mohammed), petition the South Carolina royal authorities in Arabic for their freedom.

History of Islam In America
The Beginnings 13121600
Native Americans and Islam 13001900
Muslims First Journey To America <date y=1312/>
Christopher Columbus <date y=1492/>
Estevanico <date y=1538/>
Slavery in the Americaas <date y=1538/>
Melungeons <date y=1600/>
Blackamoor <date y=1639/>
Islam In America 18th Century 17001799
Mahomet Weyonomon <date y=1708/>
Lamine Jay <date y=1730/>
Job Ben Solomon Jallo <date y=1730/>
Abel Conder <date y=1753/>
Kunta Kinte <date y=1767/>
Runaway Slaves 17691790
Peter Saleem <date y=1775/>
Ibrahim Abd ar-Rahman <date y=1788/>
Yusef Ben Ali <date y=1790/>
Islam In America 19th Century 18001899
Salih Bilali <date y=1803/>
Yarrow Mamout <date y=1807/>
Abraham of the Micanopy Indian Tribe <date y=1812/>
Umar ibn Said 17701864
Lamine Kebe <date y=1835/>
Islam In America 20th Century 19001999
Islam In America 21st Century 2000–Present

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