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Coordinates: 52°18′30.6″N 6°11′35.7″E / 52.3085°N 6.19325°E / 52.3085; 6.19325

Diepenveen Klooster Sion

Monastery around 1929

The Abbey Sion (Abdij Sion) is working Trappist (Ordo Cisterciensis Strictioris Observantiae) monastery in Diepenveen, Overijssel, Netherlands.

The convent, which was set up in 1883, is a daughter house of Achel Abbey. This is the only Trappist convent in the Netherlands north of the great rivers (the Nederrijn, Lek, Waal, Merwede and Maas. Since 1935 this convent has held abbey status. The convent community now comprises 15 brothers. The abbey lies within the territory of Bishopric of Utrecht.

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