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"A woman's right to choose" is a deliberately confusing slogan used by liberals to justify elective abortion. It combines in a tricky way the concept of choice as a "women's prerogative" with the general idea that adults should be free to make their own private medical decisions.

Both of these concepts assume that abortion is not a decision that affects the fate of another human being. One flaw with this argument is that the fetus is scientifically a human being, as it has its own unique DNA different from that of the parent.


The position is pro-abortion (or "pro-choice").

The argument expressed by the phrase is that the decision to have an elective abortion is always and necessarily a private matter between a woman and her doctor. It implies that the decision is simply "a matter of choice", and that no one else has a high enough stake in the matter to overrule her choice.

This position is also called pro-choice and generally is favored by social liberals. It is opposed by social conservatives who regard themselves as pro-life.

It is one of the few sayings in English where a sentence is incomplete, 'a woman's right to choose' choose what? With the answer being the right to choose the death of a child in the womb.

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