Hikayat nine is supposed to come from France. It is Charitar 290 in Persian garb. A rani dresses her lover as a woman and keeps him (her) with her night and day – especially since the raja also has become interested in this youthful sitar player.

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Copyright Pritpal Singh Bindra

The only Translation available, the translation is done by Bindra which may be contain his personal views/ or personal grudges. We are not responsible for any error in translation.

Glory to God

He is absolute, divine, eminent, and compassionate.

The destiny-prevailer, the sustainer, the eliminator of bondage and considerate.(1)

To the devotees, He has endowed the earth, the sky.

The temporal world and the heavens.(2)

Now listen to the tale of a foreign emperor,

Who was sitting on the bedstead besides his wife.(3)

She looked out and saw the son of a jeweller,

Who appeared to be very handsome and at the prime of his youth.(4)

When the sun had set she summoned,

The handsome boy, who was tall like a cypress tree.(5)

They both (met,) embraced each other and blended into one,

All their senses, uniqueness and attributes.(7)

Any body who would see him, could not judge the reality,

As his male face had been disguised as female.(8)

Every body conceded that he was a lady,

And she was as pretty as the heavenly fairies.(9)

One day the king saw her (him),

And complimented that her (his) features were enchanting like the moon in the sky.(10)

She (he) was, then, counselled, ‘You the lucky one,

‘You are worthy of a king and fit to sit on the throne.’(11)

‘Whose woman are you and whose daughter are you?

‘Which country you belong to and whose sister are you?(12)

‘You have penetrated the inner vision,

‘And has the king fallen for you at the first sight.’(13)

Through his maid, the king called her (him),

And asked her to bring her (him) to the inner chambers of his house.(14)

(The king had said,) ‘Oh, my maid, I have come across an elegant like a cypress tree,

‘Which looks like the moon fallen from the skies of Yaman.(15)

‘My heart is writhing for her,

‘It is like fish flutters when it is thrown in a dirty puddle.(16)

‘Oh, you my maid-messenger, who are like a blooming flower,

‘Go to the blossoming bud and bring her to me.(17)

‘If you bring her to me for me,

‘I will open up all the annuls of my treasures for you.’(18)

Harking to this the maidservant instantly departed,

And narrated from head to tail of the whole conservation.(19)

When she (he) listened to the whole talk from the maid,

Feeling topsy-turvy, he was overpowered with distress.(20)

(And thought,) ‘If I reveal my secret to the world,

‘All my planning will be dismantled.(21)

‘Looking at my female attire, the king has fallen for me,

‘Oh, my lady, please counsel me what to do?’(22)

‘If you say so, I will run away from this place.

‘Immediately, today, I take on my heels.’(23)

(The Queen said,) ‘Don’t be afraid, I will tell you the remedy.

‘Even remaining under his observation, I will keep you for four months.’(24)

Then, they both went to the sleeping-place and went into a slumber,

And the news roamed around to the lion hearted king.(25)

The maid, then, conveyed the king what was happening,

And the king flew into rage from head to feet.(26)

Instantly he came to the palace of the queen,

And seeing them in the same bed, became inflammable like the sun.(27)

The king assumed that she had discerned his intentions,

And had become very cautious.(28)

That is why they went into sleep at the same place and in the same bed.

‘God forbid, she made my attempt impossible.(29)

‘If I had found her alone in the bedroom,

‘I would have at once clung to her as the moon merged into the sun.’(30)

The king returned that night lamenting,

And the second day again he saw them sleeping in the same style.(31)

‘Had I found her sleeping alone,

‘I would have pounced upon her like a lion.’(32)

He went away on the second day and again appeared on the third day.

As usual, seeing them together he departed.(33)

On the fourth day they were joined together again.

He hung his head in astonishment and thought,(34)

‘Alas, if I had found her alone,

‘I would have easily fixed arrow into her bow.’(35)

‘Neither I got hold of the enemy, nor could I pierce an arrow,

‘Neither I killed the enemy nor I captivated him.’(36)

On the sixth day when he came he saw her sleeping with the queen in the similar manner.

He was extremely up set and said to himself,(37)

‘If I don’t see my enemy, I won’t make him to shed his blood.

‘Alas, I cannot keep my arrow contained in my bow.(38)

‘And alas, I could not embrace the foe,

‘And neither could we copulate each other.’(39)

Blind in love he did not try to acquiesce the reality.

Neither, in excitement, he cared to learn the truth.(40)

Look, unaware what this king was doing,

And was scheming to revel in such vices.(41)

Look, an ignorant scratches his head,

And without wetting it, he shaves it.(42)

(The poet says,)

‘Oh the Saki, give me my green cup,

‘So that without any infringement, I get the understanding.(43)

‘And give me the cup full of green (liquid),

‘Which helps to destroy the enemies.(44)(9)

Tale Nine – Completed

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