Nine superior and noble persons:

1. The perfectly self-awakened Buddha (SammaSamBuddho)

2. The solitary self-awakened Buddha (Paccekasambuddho)

3. The one released both ways (by insight and jhanas) (Ubhatobhāgavimutto)

4. The one released by understanding (Paññavimutto)

5. The body-witness of direct experience (proficient in jhanas, but still some fermentations remain) (Kāyasakkhī)

6. The view-winner of true comprehension (Right Understanding, but still some fermentations remaining) (Ditthipattto)

7. The one released by faith (has full faith, but still the fermentations) (Saddhāvimutto)

8. The one guided by Dhamma (Dhammānusārī)

9. The one guided by faith (Saddhānusārī)

(from Majjhima Nikaya 70. Abhidhamma, Puggala-Paññatti)


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