Nine insight knowledges (vipassanā ñāṇa):

1. Udayabbaya ñāṇa; knowledge of rise and fall.

2. Bhaṅga ñāṇa; knowledge of dissolution.

3. Bhayatūpaṭṭhāna ñāṇa; knowledge of the fear in formations.

4. Ādīnava ñāṇa; knowledge of peril.

5. Nibbidā ñāṇa; knowledge of disenchantment.

6. Muñcitukamyatā ñāṇa; knowledge of the desire for deliverance.

7. Paṭisaṅkhā ñāṇa; knowledge of reflection.

8. Saṅkhārupekkhā ñāṇa; knowledge of equanimity regarding formations.

9. Anuloma ñāṇa; knowledge in conformity with the four noble truths.

(from KN, Patisambhidamagga I.1)


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