Hikayat eight is the counterpart of Charitar 118. It describes how a beautiful mother kills her two grown sons because her lover feared them. She then becomes a ‘’fakirni’’ (a female Muslim ascetic) but the God Shiva appears to her and grants her the bonnes of renewed youth and a meeting with her lover.

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Copyright Translation of PP Bindra

The only Translation available, the translation is done by Bindra which may be contain his personal views/ or personal grudges. We are not responsible for any error in translation.

Glory to God

God endows tranquillity,

He grants the will to believe, provides living and contentment.(1)

He is Sovereign of both the worlds,

He keeps us all away from afflictions.(2)

Now listen to the Tale of King Azam,

Who was magnanimous and compassionate.(3)

With perfect posture, his countenance radiated.

Whole day he used to spend listening to the musical renderings of Ragas, and quaffing cups of wine.(4)

He was renown for his wisdom,

And was famous for magnanimity of his bravery.(5)

He had a moon-like pretty wife,

The people admired the exquisiteness of his preference.(6)

She was very beautiful and possessed sober temperament with captivating features.

Also she enjoyed sweat voice, dressed herself profusely, and was chaste in her thought.(7)

She had two sons, called Sun and Moon.

Intellectually content, they always aspired for the truth.(9)

Being very fast in their hand movements, they were clever in fights.

They were like the roaring lions and vicious like crocodiles.(10)

Those lion-hearted could subdue the elephants,

And during the wars they became embodiment of steel.(11)

Not only they had attractive features, their bodies gleamed like silver.

Both the figures called for highest acclaims.(12)

Their mother fell in love with a stranger,

Because that man was like a flower, and their mother was in search of such a flower.(13)

They had just come into their sleeping chamber,

When they caught sight of both the undaunted ones.(14)

They (their mother and her lover) called in both the younger and older one,

And entertained them with wine and music through the Raga Singers.(15)

When she realised that they were absolutely intoxicated,

She stood up and cut their heads with the sword.(16)

Then she started to beat her head with both her hands,

And began to tremble and shout very loudly,(17)

She shouted, ‘Oh, you the pious Muslims,

‘How they have cut each other like the scissors cut the clothes?(18)

‘Both of them drenched themselves in wine,

‘And took the swords in their hands,(19)

‘One hit the other and, right in front of my eyes, they murdered each other.(20)

‘Hai, why didn’t earth give way to obscure myself in there,

‘Even the door of the hell has been closed for me.(21)

‘Down with my eyes,

‘The eyes which were watching when they killed each other.(22)

‘You (my boys) abandoned this world,

‘I will, now, become an ascetic and go to the Country of China.’(23)

Pronouncing thus, she tore off her clothes,

And proceeded towards the bewilderment.(24)

She went to a location where there was restful place.

There, on the back of a bullock, she saw Shiva, along with women as pretty as the moon.(25)

He asked her, ‘Oh, you the kind woman,

‘Slim and tall like a cypress tree, who are you?(26)

‘Are you either a Soul or a Fairy?

‘Are you either the moon in the sky or sun over the earth?’(27)

(She replied), ‘Neither I am Fairy, nor an Enlightener of the world.

‘I am the daughter of the King of Zablistan.’(28)

Then, on learning (that he was god Shiva), she supplicated,

Opened her mouth, and narrated (her story) very gently.(29)

(Shiva said), ‘I am much afflicted on seeing you.

‘Whatever you desire I will grant you.’(30)

(She said), ‘I should get out of the old age and become young again,

‘So that I can go to the country of my lover.‘(31)

(Shiva said), ‘If you think this appropriate according to your intelligence (then I will grant you the boon),

‘Although it may have come in your mind very menially.’(32)

After receiving the boon, she came to the well,

Where her lover used to come for hunting.(33)

Next day she came across the hunter,

Who had sharp features like the sparrow-hawk in the spring.(34)

On seeing him, she started to run forward like a wild cow.

And he galloped his horse at the speed of an arrow.(35)

They went quite far,

Where there was no water and no food, and they were lost in themselves.(36)

She proceeded and bodily joined that young-man,

As there was none other like him, neither soul nor body.(37)

Immediately on her sight, he had fallen in love with her,

And lost his senses and consciousness (by meeting her).(38)

(He said,) ‘I swear by God that I must do (make love) with you,

‘Because I cherish you more than my own life.’(39)

The woman, just to show off, refused a few times,

But, at the end she acquiesced.(40)

(The Poet says,) Look at the infidelity of the world,

Siavash (sons of the ruler) were annihilated without any vestiges.(41)

Where have gone the Kings, Khusro and Jamshed?

Where are Adam and Muhammad?(42)

Where have vanished the (legendary) kings, Faraid, Bahmin and Asfand?

Neither Darab, nor Dara are esteemed.(43)

What happened to Alexander and Sher Shah?

None of them has survived.(44)

How Temur Shah and Babar have dissipated?

Where did Hamayun and Akbar had gone?(45)

(The poet says)

‘Oh! Saki. Give me the reddish wine of Europe.

‘Which I would relish when I brandish the sword during the war.(46)

‘Give it to me so that I could contemplate,

‘And with the sword annihilate (the evil forces).’(47)(8)

Tale Eight – Completed

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