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The 7th millennium is a period of time that will begin on January 1, 6001, and will end on December 31, 7000.

Astronomical events

These are astronomical dates, so they are given in the astronomical format of Year Month Day, which allows them to be ordered.

Science fiction

  • The events of the video game series Xenosaga take place sometime in the early 6000s. Due to the vagueness of the times given in Episode 1 of the series ('20xx' followed by '4000 years in the future'), it is possible the events cross over into the 62nd century. Contrary to this, the dates given in Xenogears Perfect Works would place Xenosaga's events in the year 7277. It should be noted that the Xenogears timeline does not apply to the Xenosaga timeline. At one time the two story arcs were believed to exist in the same fictional universe as many of those involved with the design and development of Xenogears continued to work on Xenosaga. However it has been stated on several occasions that the two universes are not directly related it any way.
  • In Doctor Who, the Doctor's daughter Jenny was born on July 24, 6012 in the 61st Century on the planet Messaline.
  • Flash Rogues Gallery member Abra Kadabra originally came from the 64th Century, according to his first comics appearance in February 1962.


  • 6025 was the stage name of former Dead Kennedys songwriter and rhythm guitarist, Carlos Cadona.
  • By 7000 AD, Venus could feasibly have been terraformed, according to Martyn J Fogg in Terraforming: Engineering Planetary Environments.


hu:7. évezred

mr:इ.स.चे ७ वे सहस्रक ms:Milenium ke-7 ja:7千年紀 sah:7 -c тыһыынча сыл zh:第7千年

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