Hikayat seven is the account of Raja Darab who was put in a trunk and set adrift on the river by his mother, the Rani of Rome. He was rescued and brought up by a dhobi. Later, his mother recognizes his identity by the ruby ring she had put in the trunk with him.

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Copyright Translation of PP Bindra

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Glory to God

God is all-benevolent,

He is luminously manifest and dominates all the domains.(1)

His will prevails, and his blessedness is splendid,

And the splendid blessedness is epitome of sagacity.(2)

When Asphand Yaar departed from this world taking all his belongings (deeds) with him,

He conferred the sovereignty to his son, Bahmin.(3)

That Bahmin had a daughter, who was like the wings of phoenix.

And she was elegantly graceful and quite affluent (4)

When Bahmin, as well, departed from this world facing his destiny,

He bestowed the sovereignty to his daughter.(5)

She was the one, who was like the phoenix of Rome,

Spread over to progress like the spring season.(6)

When fourteen years had gone by and she became teen-ager,

Her charm gained the full swing.(7)

She reached the same stage,

As the rose flower which bloomed in the garden.(8)

Her beauty enchanted like the blue bird that scintillated in the spring,

And like the moon that adorned itself in joyous weather.(9)

The childlike innocence was still depicting,

When the flavour of youth descended on her.(10)

When all her childhood flew away,

And the spell of adolescence over powered,(11)

Then she enthroned herself on the royal seat,

And pondered over the regal papers prevalent there.(12)

Once she came across an appraiser of diamonds (jeweller),

And, taking the advantage of darkness, she took him inside.(13)

She kept him in for two, three, four months,

And through the semen of that tycoon, she became pregnant.(14)

When nine month have gone by,

The delightful lady felt movement of child birth.(15)

She gave birth to a milk-sucking Prince,

Who would become the ruler and exterminator of the opposing rulers.(16)

She had not disclosed the secret of his birth,

And had placed him in a box, away from the sight of others.(17)

She applied musk and perfumed it in Otto.

Then she coated it with saffron, and kindled incense around.(18)

After placing a red stone in his hands,

She pushed the box into the deep flowing water.(19)

Immediately after the launching, she tore off her clothes,

And sat down to prey God to protect him.(20)

The washermen sitting on the bank of the river,

Noticed the box drifting in the river.(21)

They decided to fetch the box out,

And break it open.(22)

Using the power of their arms they pulled the box out,

And on its fringes they found lot of precious things.(22)

When they opened it using further force,

They came across more precious articles.(23)

They broke its seal,

And inside, they found him dazzling like the moon.(24)

The washer men had no children,

They thought, ‘God has endowed us with a son.’(25)

As they had rescued him from the deep water,

They thanked God for endowing them such a cherished gift.(26)

They brought him up like their son,

And went to Mecca on pilgrimage as well.(27)

When two or three years and a few months had gone past,

The daughter of the washer man, brought him to the king’s palace.(28)

The great phoenix went into deep thought on seeing him,

But, then, realised that he was the son of a washer man.(29)

He asked, “Oh, you the kind lady,

“How did you get a son so handsome in stature, and so sober in habits.”(30)

She thought, ‘It is me only who knows the secret.

‘No body else knows what is the truth.’(31)

The person wanted to take away her son, and

Quickly proceeded to the house of the washerwoman.(32)

The washerwoman said, “I will tell you, how did I find him,

‘I will narrate to you, how did I discover him.‘(34)

‘In such a year and at such day, in the evening,

‘I performed all this task.(35)

‘I got hold of the box in deep water,

‘When I opened it, I found him there, and that is the truth.(36)

‘On seeing him, I felt the milk dripping out of my breasts,

‘And I took both his hands on them.(38)

‘Recognising the place, his both the lips opened (to suck milk).

‘I never revealed this secret to anybody.’(39)

The same wife went to (the king) next day and said,

‘In my dream I had a vision of a pious man,(40)

‘(Who said), “I have endowed you the son,

‘“I have done so to edify the glory of Kian Clan.’”(41)

The king kept the boy at home and

Gave him the treasure, gold, diamond and the throne,(42)

And said, ‘As I have secured him through the river,

‘I name him, Darab (the river).(43)

‘I bestow upon him the temporal kingdom,

‘And I crown him with regal honour and imperial fly-whisk.(44)

‘I admire his status,

‘Because his posture is majestic.”(45)

(The washerwoman) learned, as well, that he had become a king,

And that he was given the name, Darab.(46)

The gallant one promoted the righteous rule,

Because he was the seeker of truth, and he believed in virtuosity.(47)

(The poet says,)

‘Oh! Saki, give me green wine to drink,

‘Because the Master is intelligent enough, and is known all over.(48)

‘Saki! Give me the cup full of greenish (liquid),

‘Which soothes during the wars and the lonely nights.’(49)

Tale Seven – Complete

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