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Seven rules for settlement (adhikarana-samatha) of legal processes that concern monks only.

1. When an issue is settled, the verdict should be in the presence of the Sangha, the parties, the Dhamma, and the Vinaya.

2. If the bhikku is innocent, the verdict should be "mindfulness".

3. If the bhikku was or is insane, the verdict should be "past insanity".

4. If the bhikku confesses to the exact allegations, the verdict should be "acting in accordance with what was admitted."

5. If the dispute cannot be unanimously settled, the sangha should take a vote and the verdict should be "acting in accordance with the majority".

6. If the bhikku confesses only after interrogation, the verdict should be "acting in accordance with the accused's further misconduct".

7. If both sides agree that they are not acting the way monks ought to, they can call a full assembly of the sima and confess their mistakes, and the verdict should be "covering over as with grass."

(from the Vinaya Pitaka)


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