The seven books of the Abhidhamma Pitaka:

1. Dhamma Sangani (Enumeration of Factors)

2. Vibhanga (Analysis of the Dhamma Sangani)

3. Katha Vatthu (Points of Controversy; a collection of answers to questions about monastic practice, compiled by Moggaliputta Tissa after the Buddhist Council sponsored by King Ashoka in the 3rd Century BC)

4. Puggala Pannatti (Descriptions of Individuals; personality types)

5. Dhatu Katha (Discussion of Elements; Similar content to the Vibhanga, formulated as sets of questions and answers)

6. Yamaka (The Pairs; a repetition of much of the contents of the Vibhanga, Dhatu Katha, and Katha Vatthu.

7. Patthana (Foundational Conditions or Relations; the laws of interaction by which the Dhamma described in the Dhamma Sangani operate)


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