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During the 6th millennium BC, agriculture spreads from the Balkans to Italy and Eastern Europe and from Mesopotamia to Egypt. World population is essentially stable at ca. 5 million people.



Black Sea today (light blue) and in 5600 BC (dark blue) according to Ryan's and Pitman's theories, versions of the Black Sea deluge theory

Environmental changes


Inventions, discoveries, introductions

  • c. 6000 BC: Cycladic people started to use a coarse, poor-quality local clay to make a variety of objects.
  • c. 6000 BC: Brick building was taking place at Çatalhöyük, Turkey.[2]
  • Agriculture appears in the valley of the Nile.
  • Rice cultivated in Asia.
  • Plough invented.
  • c. 6000–5000 BC: Wine is created for the first time in Persia.
  • c. 5000 BC: Agriculture began in the Americas perhaps this early, in complete isolation from the Old World.[2]
  • Artifacts of stone were supplemented by those of metal, and the crafts of basketry, pottery, weaving (Africa).
  • Dead were buried in a fetal position, surrounded by the burial offerings and artifacts, facing west (Africa).
  • Decorated, black-topped clay pots and vases; bone and ivory combs, figurines, and tableware, are found in great numbers (Africa).
  • Jewelry of all types and materials (Africa).
  • Objects began to be made not only with a function, but also with an aesthetic value. (Africa)
  • Organized, permanent settlements focused around agriculture. (Africa)

Cultural landmarks



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bar:6. Joatausend v. Chr.

bs:6. milenijum p.n.e. bg:6 хилядолетие пр.н.е. cs:6. tisíciletí př. n. l. da:6. årtusinde a. 6. milurtekoako:기원전 5000년기 hr:6. tisućljeće pr. Kr. io:5001-6000 aK id:Milenium ke-6 SMka:ძვ. წ. VI ათასწლეული la:Millennium 6 a.C.n. lt:6 tūkstantmetis pr. m. e. hu:I. e. 6. évezred mr:इ.स.पू. ५५०९ ms:Milenium ke-6 SMja:紀元前6千年紀 no:6. årtusen f.Kr. nn:5000-talet milénio a.C. ru:VI тысячелетие до н. э. sah:6 б. э. инн. тыһыынча сыл simple:5200 BC sl:6. tisočletje pr. n. št. sh:6. milenijum pne. fi:5000-vuosituhat eaa. sv:5000-talet f.Kr. (millennium) ta:கிமு 6வது ஆயிரவாண்டு ur:5000مقم zh:前6千年

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