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The sixth millennium is a period of time that will begin on January 1, 5001, and will end on December 31, 6000.

Astronomical events

Science predictions


  • Tay Zonday sings about the Year 6,000 in "The Year 6,000". He sings about a perfect world where "all of our dreams have become a reality."

Science fiction

  • There are many references to the 51st century in the revived series of Doctor Who. One of the Doctor's companions, Captain Jack Harkness, originates from the 51st century, although it is unclear whether or not he or his parents participated in the events of World War V described above.
  • In the Blake and Mortimer universe, this is the last century of existence for an unnamed world totalitarian government, which originally took over in the late 21st century.
    In 5060, a worldwide revolution, commanded by Focas, overthrows this regime and presumably builds a better and more just world.
  • In reference to this, according to Amalgam Comics continuity, the Iron Lantern at this point will be Arno Manning, defending a futuristic Coast City.


  1. Kaku, Michio (26 April 2004). "How Advanced Could They Be?". Astrobiology Magazine. , an interview with Michio Kaku.

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