6 kinds of people regarding recollection:

1. Other sectarians (capable of recollecting back 40 aeons)

2. Ordinary disciples (capable of reollecting back 100 aeons)

3. Great disciples (capable of reollecting back 1,000 aeons)

4. Chief disciples (capable of reollecting back 100,000 aeons)

5. Paccekabuddhas (capable of reollecting back two incalculables and 100,000 aeons)

6. Buddhas (capable of reollecting back an infinite amount of aeons)

(from Visuddhimagga 411)

(Another teaching with shows the non-dogmatic nature of the Dhamma and how even those from other religions can attain to high levels of Jhana and be able to recollect back several aeons, which includes recollecting past rebirths).

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