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The 5th millennium BC saw the spread of agriculture from the Near East throughout southern and central Europe.

Urban cultures in Mesopotamia and Anatolia flourish, developing the wheel. Copper ornaments become more common, marking the Chalcolithic. Animal husbandry spreads throughout Eurasia, reaching China. World population grows slightly throughout the millennium, maybe from 5 to 7 million people.



Inventions, discoveries, introductions

Environmental changes


Calendars and chronology


  • 4372 BC: Setting for the Year the Horses Came by Mary Mackey (Earthsong trilogy book 1).
  • 4368 BC: Setting for the Horses at the Gate by Mary Mackey (Earthsong trilogy book 2)
  • 4004 BC: Setting for the year the fictional immortal Natla from the Tomb Raider game series was born in Atlantis.


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bar:5. Joatausend v. Chr.

bs:5. milenijum p.n.e. bg:5 хилядолетие пр.н.е. cs:5. tisíciletí př. n. l. da:5. årtusinde a. 5. milurtekoagd:5mh mìle-bliadhna RC ko:기원전 4000년기 io:4001-5000 aKka:ძვ. წ. V ათასწლეული la:Millennium 5 a.C.n. lt:5 tūkstantmetis pr. m. e. hu:I. e. 5. évezred mr:इ.स.पू.चे ५ वे सहस्रक ms:Milenium ke-5 SMja:紀元前5千年紀 no:5. årtusen milénio a.C. ru:V тысячелетие до н. э. sah:5 б. э. инн. тыһыынча сыл sl:5. tisočletje pr. n. št. sh:5. milenijum pne. fi:4000-vuosituhat eaa. sv:4000-talet f.Kr. (millennium) ta:கிமு 5வது ஆயிரவாண்டு ur:4000مقم zh:前5千年

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