Hikayat five is Charitar 267 in Persian guise. The beauty of the young wife of a Qazi was such that her reflection turned water into wine. She became enamoured of Raja Sabal Singh and offered to share her throne with him; but he, to put her off, says she must kill the Qazi first. She goes off and kills the Qazi in his sleep and brings the bloody head to the Raja; but then Sabal fears a similar fate at her hands and rejects her offer. She leaves the head lying there and returns to raise the alarm. People follow the bloody trail to where Sabal is sitting. The Emperor Jahangir turns him over to the murdered man’s widow. She winks at him, then pretends to start on a pilgrimage to Mecca, but turns back after dark to go and live with Raja Sabal Singh.

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Copyright Translation of P Singh Bindra

The only Translation available, the translation is done by Bindra which may be contain his personal views/ or personal grudges. We are not responsible for any error in translation.

Glory to God

You are my guide and you are my counsellor,

You lead us, holding our hands, in both the worlds.(1)

You are our support and provider.

You recognise our deficiency, and are our redeemer.(2)

I have heard the Tale of a Quazi,

And I have never seen as good a person as him.(3)

In his household, there was dame, who was at the prime of her youth.

Her coquetry had made the lives of all the people unendurable.(4)

On seeing her, lilacs hung their heads down,

And the flowers of tulip plants felt their hearts rending.(5)

On her sight the Moon became hesitant

And, in the passion of jealousy, it diminished half of its brightness.(6)

Whenever she strolled out of her house on an errand,

The tresses of her hair sneaked around her shoulders like the clusters of hyacinth.(7)

If ever she washed her face in the river water,

The thorny bones of the fish would turn into flowers.(8)

When she looked into the pitcher of water,

The water was turned into liquor known as the Wine of Narcissus.(9)

She saw a young Raja,

Who was very handsome and famous in the world.(10)

(She) said, ‘Oh! my Raja, let me be besides your throne (make me your Queen).’ 11)

(The Raja replied), ‘First of all you go, slay the head of Quazi, your husband,

‘Thereafter, my house will be your abode.’(12)

Hearing this she concealed the secret in her heart,

And did not disclose it to any other woman.(13)

She found her husband in deep slumber,

She took a sword in her hand and severed his head off.(14)

She took the head and went to the place where Sambal Singh (the Raja) was seated.(15)

‘(Oh! Raja), the way you told me, I have done.

‘Here, I put the Quazi’s head in front of you.(16)

‘Even if you want my head, I can give it to you,

‘Because I love you from, both, my heart and soul.(17)

‘Oh! my lover, Whatever the word you gave me, you fulfil this very evening.

‘Through the winks of your eyes, you have captured my soul.‘(18)

When the Raja looked at the severed-head, he became fearful,

And said, ‘Oh! You the devilish,(19)

‘If you have treated your husband so wickedly,

‘Then what would you not do to me?(20)

‘I am better off without your friendship, I renounce your fraternity.

‘Your deed has dreaded me.’(21)

‘You have treated your husband in such a bad manner,

‘You may administer your ill-designs on me too.(22)

She threw the head there and then,

And started to beat her chest and head with her hands.(23)

‘You have turned your back on me and God will turn his on you,

‘And that will be the day of God’s judgement upon you.’(24)

Throwing the head there, she returned to her house.

Lying besides the dead-body of the Quazi, she went to sleep.(25)

(Later, she got up), put dust in her hair, and shouted.

‘Oh! My pious friends, get here,(26)

‘Some evil man has committed an evil act.

‘With one stroke he has killed the Quazi.’(27)

Following the traces of blood, people started to proceed,

And they all took the same path.(28)

She brought all the people to that place,

Where she had thrown the Quazi’s head.(29)

The woman convinced the people,

That the Raja had killed the Quazi.(30)

They (the people) got hold of the Raja and tied him,

And brought him there, where the (Emperor) Jehangir was seated on his throne.(31)

The Emperor thought, ‘If I hand over (the Raja) to the Quazi’s wife,

‘She will deal with him the way she wanted.’(32)

Then he ordered the executioner,

‘Slay the head of this man with one hard stroke.’(33)

When that young man saw the sword,

He started to shake like a huge cypress tree.(34)

And whispered (to the woman), ‘Whatever bad deed I performed,

‘I did it to capture your heart.’(35)

Then, winking, he added, ‘Oh you the Lady among all the ladies.

‘And the Queen among all the Queens,(36)

‘If I disobeyed you, I committed a sin.

‘I committed this act without thinking and without asking you,(37)

‘Now, let me go free. I will obey your command,

‘And I say this to swear upon the God.(38)

‘I have perpetrated, please forgive me,

‘I will remain your slave.’(39)

She soliloquised, ‘If I kill five hundred Rajas like him,

‘Even then Quazi will not come to life.’(40)

‘Now when Quazi is dead, why should I kill him too?

‘Why should I take the curse of killing him upon myself?(41)

‘Wouldn’t it be better if I let him go free,

‘And proceed on pilgrimage to Kabah at Mecca.’(42)

Saying so, she let loose him,

Then she went home and collected a few prominent people.(43)

She gathered her goods, got ready and preyed,

‘Please God, help me to fulfil my ambition.(44)

‘I regret that I am going away from my fraternity,

‘If I remain alive, I may come back.’(45)

She put all her money, jewellery and other precious articles in the bundles,

‘And commenced her journey towards the House of Allah at Kabah.‘(46)

When she had covered three stages of her voyage,

She thought of the house of her friend (Raja).(47)

At midnight, she returned to his house,

Along with all sort of gifts and souvenirs.(48)

The people of the world never realised, where had she gone.

And no body cared what state of affairs she had been passing through?(49)

(The poet says),

‘Oh! Saki, Give me the cup full of green (liquid),

‘Which I need at the time of my nourishment.(50)

‘Give it to me so that I can contemplate,

‘As it kindles my thought like an earthen-lamp.’(51)(5)

Tale Five – Completed

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