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There are four types of people with Realization. Below that there are Faith followers and Dhamma followers, but the following four have had at least a glimpse at Nibbana and enlightenment and have eradicated some or all of the 10 hindrances.

  1. Sotapanna (Stream-entrant) has destroyed the first three hindrances to enlightenment.
  2. Sakadagami (Once-returner) has greatly weakened fourth and fifth hindrances.
  3. Anagami (Non-returner) has destroyed the fourth and fifth hindrances.
  4. Arahant (enlightened one) has eradicated all 10 hindrances.

A sottapanna will be re-born no more than seven more times and re-birth will either be as a human or a deva in a heavenly realm.

A sakadagami will be re-born one more time to either the human or heavenly realm and will attain enlightenment there.

An anagami never returns to re-birth as a human or anything lower. An anagami is re-born to a higher heavenly realm known as the Pure Abodes and attains enlightenment from there.

The Arahant is fully enlightened and does not get re-born.

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