Four qualities of a person with great discernment:

1. He practices for the welfare and happiness of many people and has established many people in the noble method.

2. He thinks any thought he wants to think, and doesn't think any thought he doesn't want to think. He wills any resolve he wants to will, and doesn't will any resolve he doesn't want to will. He has attained mastery of the mind with regard to the pathways of thought.

3. He attains — whenever he wants, without strain, without difficulty — the jhanas that are heightened mental states, pleasant abidings in the here-and-now.

4. With the ending of mental fermentations — he remains in the fermentation-free awareness-release and discernment-release, having directly known and realized them for himself right in the here-and-now

(from Anguttara Nikaya 4.35)


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