The 38 Blessings:

  1. Not associating with fools
  2. Keeping the company of wise ones
  3. Paying reverence to those who are worthy of reverence
  4. Having one’s abode in a favorable place
  5. Gaining merit in the past
  6. The pursuit of higher aspirations
  7. Being rich in knowledge
  8. Being rich in skill
  9. The moral precepts, well practiced
  10. Using only well-spoken words
  11. Supporting parents in every way
  12. Caring for the family
  13. Unconfused actions
  14. Generosity
  15. Right living
  16. Caring for one’s realatives
  17. Refraining from unskillful things
  18. To abhor unwholeseom things
  19. To avoid unwholesome things
  20. To avoid intoxicants
  21. Diligence in righteousness
  22. Reverence
  23. Humility
  24. Contentment
  25. Gratitude
  26. Hearing the Dhamma at the right time
  27. Patience
  28. Compliance
  29. Seeing the monks
  30. Discussing the Dhamma
  31. Self-restraint
  32. A holy life
  33. Seeing The Four Noble Truths
  34. Realizing Nibbana
  35. A heart not trembling, unshaken
  36. A heart not trembling, sorrowless
  37. A heart not trembling, stainless
  38. A heart not trembling, secure

(from Khuddaka Nikaya, Sutta Nipata 2.4)


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