The 35 Buddhas are known from the Sutra of the Three Heaps (Sanskrit: Triskandhadharmasutra), popular in Tibetan Buddhism. This Mahayana sutra actually describes a practice of purification by confession and making prostrations to these Buddhas, and is part of the larger Stack of Jewels Sutra (Sanskrit: Ratnakutasutra). Their names are:

Tibetan English Sinhalese
ton pa chom.dan.da de.zhin.sheg dra.chom sang.gya pal.gyal.wa shakya The founder, Bhagawan, Tathagata, Arhat, Perfectly Completed Buddha, Glorius Conqueror Shakyamuni Buddha Bhagawan, Tathgat, Arhat howa gathu ekena, Hondeta Complete kara la theyanewa Buduhaduruwo hondetema Conqueror Shakyamuni Buduhaduruwo nying.po rab.tu Thoroughly Destroying with Vajra Essence Thorough ekatame Destroy karala Vajra Essence ekath theke
rin.chen o.tro Radiant Jewel Radiant Ratharan Badu King, Lord of the Nagas Army of Heroes
pal.gye Delighted Hero Jewel Fire
rin.chen da o Jewel Moonlight
tong.wa don.yo Meaningful to See
rin.chen da.wa Jewel Moon Stainless One
pal.jin Bestowed with Courage Pure One Bestowed with Purity
chu.lha Water God
chu lha lha Deity of the Water God
pal.zang Glorious Goodness
tsan.dan.pal Glorious Sandalwood
zi.ji.ta.ya Infinite Splendour
o.pal Glorious Light
nya.ngan Sorrowless Glory kyi.bu Son of Non-craving
me.tog.pal Glorious Flower o.zer nam.par Pure Light Rays Clearly Knowing by Play o.zer ngon.par Lotus light Rays Clearly knowing by Play
nor.pal Glorious Wealth Glorious Mindfulness
tsan.pal shin.tu yong.dag Glorious Name is Widely Renowned
wang.po gyal.tsan gyi gyal.po King Holding the Victory Banner of Foremost Power
shin.tu nam.par Glorious One Totally Subduing shin.tu nam.par gyal.wa Utterly Victorious in Battle Glorious Transcendence Through Subduing nang.wa Glorious Manifestations Illuminating All
rin.chen nam.par Jewel Lotus who Subdues All
dra.chom sang.gya rin.po.che la rab.tu.zhug All-subduing Jewel Lotus, Arhat, Perfectly Completed Buddha, King of the Lord of the Mountains Firmly Seated on Jewel and Lotus

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