Thirty-three synonyms for Nibbana:

  1. The Unconditioned
  2. The destruction of lust, hate, delusion
  3. The Uninclined
  4. The taintless
  5. The truth
  6. The other shore
  7. The subtle
  8. The very difficult to see
  9. The unaging
  10. The stable
  11. The undisintegrating
  12. The unmanifest
  13. The unproliferated
  14. The peaceful
  15. The deathless
  16. The sublime
  17. The auspicious
  18. The secure
  19. The destruction of craving
  20. The wonderful
  21. The amazing
  22. The unailing
  23. The unailing state
  24. The unafflicted
  25. Dispassion
  26. Purity
  27. Freedom
  28. Non attachment
  29. The island
  30. The shelter
  31. The asylum
  32. The refuge
  33. The destination and the path leading to the destination

(from Samyutta Nikaya 43)


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