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The 32 Parts of the Body (for reflection on their impure and impermanent nature):

1. Hair (kesā)

2. Hair of the body (lomā)

3. Nails (nakhā)

4. Teeth (dantā)

5. Skin (taco)

6. Flesh (maṃsaṃ)

7. Sinews (nahāru)

8. Bones (aṭṭhi)

9. Marrow (aṭṭhimiñjaṃ)

10. Kidneys (vakkaṃ)

11. Heart (hadayaṃ)

12. Liver (yakanaṃ)

13. Diaphragm (kilomakaṃ)

14. Spleen (pihakaṃ)

15. Lungs (papphāsaṃ)

16. Bowels/large intestine (antaṃ)

17. Mesentery/small intestine (antaguṇaṃ)

18. Stomach/undigested food (udariyaṃ)

19. Feces (karīsaṃ)

20. Brain (matthaluṅga)

21. Bile (pittaṃ)

22. Phlegm (semhaṃ)

23. Pus (pubbo)

24. Blood (lohitaṃ)

25. Sweat (sedo)

26. Lymph (medo)

27. Tears (assu)

28. Grease/skin oil (vasā)

29. Saliva (kheḷo)

30. Nasal mucus (siṅghānikā)

31. Articular fluid (lasikā)

32. Urine (muttaṃ)

(from Samyutta Nikaya 35.127)


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