The 28 special qualities of solitary meditation:

1. It protects the meditator

2. It increases lifespan

3. It gives strength

4. Cleanses him from faults

5. Removes him from a bad reputation

6. Conduces to fame

7. Dispels discontent

8. Furnishes content

9. Removes fear

10. Makes for self-confidence

11. Removes indolence

12. Generates energy

13. Removes lust

14. Removes hatred

15. Removes delusion

16. Humbles pride

17. Breaks down all doubt

18. Makes the mind one-pointed

19. Makes the mind pliable

20. Produces joy

21. Makes him serious

22. Gains him much advantage

23. Makes him worthy of reverence

24. Brings rapture

25. It fills him with delight

26. Shows the true nature of formations

27. Uproots beoming and rebirth

28. Yields complete recluseship


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