28 special qualities of ascetic practices:

1. A pure means of livelihood

2. Its fruit is happy

3. It is blameless

4. It does not bring suffering to others

5. It has no fear

6. It is trouble-free

7. It is exclusively for growth

8. It is not for declining

9. It is not a deception

10. It is a protection

11. It is a giver of what is longed for

12. It is a taming for all beings

13. It is of benefit to restraint

14. It is seemly

15. Independent

16. Liberated

17. It is for the destruction of lust

18. It is for the destruction of hatred

19. It is for the destruction of delusion

20. For the getting rid of pride

21. The cutting off of wrong thought

22. The crossing over of doubts

23. The suppression of idleness

24. The getting rid of discontent

25. It engenders patience

26. It is beyond compare

27. Immeasurable

28. Leading to the destruction of all suffering


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