The 18 books of the Khuddaka Nikaya, division of short books of the Sutta Pitaka of the Pali Canon:

1. Khuddakapath; Minor Reading and Illustrator

2. Dhammapada; The word of the Doctrine

3. Udana; Exclamations

4. Itivuttaka; The thus-saids

5. Sutta Nipata; The Sutta collection

6. Vimanavatthu; Stories of the celestial mansions

7. Petavatthu; Stories of the hungry ghosts

8. Theragatha; Verses of the elder monks

9. Therigatha; Verses of the elder nuns

10. Jataka; Birth stories

11. Niddesa; Exposition

12. Patisambhidamagga; Path of discrimination (of mind states)

13. Apadana; Stories

14. Buddhavamsa; History of the buddhas

15. Cariyapitaka; Basket of conduct

16. Nettippakarana; (Burmese tipitaka only)

17. Petakopadesa; (Burmese tipitaka only)

18. Milindapanha; (Burmese tipitaka only)

(15 books, if you do not count the ones that are only in the Burmese tipitaka)


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