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The 17th century BC consists of the years 1700-1601 BC. (All dates are approximate).


  • 1695 BC. Death of Eber.
  • 1690 BC. Death of Shem.
  • 1678 BC. Joseph born.
  • 1661 BC. Joseph sold into slavery to the Midianites and Kenites, who in turn sell him to the Egyptian Potiphar.
  • Potiphar's wife attempts to seduce Joseph, but Joseph resists. Joseph is imprisoned, interprets dreams of Pharoah's chief baker and chief cupbaker, who were imprisoned with him.
  • 1648 BC. Hyksos invasion of Egypt. The Hykos were a Semetic tribe, and some date Joseph's governorship to this time. Joseph brought before Pharoah at the age of 30 (Genesis 41:46)
  • 1620 BC. Death of Isaac.
  • 1610 BC. Children of Israel settle in the land of Goshen, Egypt. (Jacob was 130; Genesis 47:9).
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