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12 conditions for enlightenment

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12 conditions for enlightenment:

  1. suffering (dukkha)
  2. faith (saddhā)
  3. joy (pāmojja, pāmujja)
  4. rapture (pīti)
  5. tranquillity (passaddhi)
  6. happiness (sukha)
  7. concentration (samādhi)
  8. knowledge and vision of things as they are (yathābhūta-ñāna-dassana)
  9. disenchantment with worldly life (nibbidā)
  10. dispassion (virāga)
  11. freedom, release, emancipation (vimutti)
  12. knowledge of destruction of the cankers (āsava-khaye-ñāna)

(from Samyutta Nikaya 12.23, Upanisa Sutta)

Similar to the 12 parts of Dependent Origination, except that here there are 12 parts listed toward enlightenment instead of the chain and cycle of suffering.


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