11th Hikayat is part of hikayat bani of dasam granth. Hikayat eleven is one of the best known. It is Charitar 246: The daughter of a money lender steals the emperor’s famous horses from the imperial palace in Delhi.

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Translation by Pritpal Singh Bindra

The only Translation available, the translation is done by Bindra which may be contain his personal views. We are not responsible for any error in translation.

Glory to God

You are the guide of us who are trodden,
And you are the rejuvenator of the hapless ones.(1)

You grant kingdom even to non-aspirants,
The Heaven and the Earth, all function under Your command.(2)

Here now is the tale of the king of Kalandhar,
Who had built a monumental gateway.(3)

He had a son who excelled in handsomeness,
And whose intellect made him worthy of managing his countries’ affairs.(4)

At the same place, there was a daughter of a tycoon,
She was as delicate as the leaves of a jasmine.(5)

That daughter fell in love with the son of the king,
As much as the moon falls for the sun.(6)

She asked, ‘Oh, the prince, make me your spouse,
‘And do not care about any body else.’(7)

(The Prince said,) ‘I have heard about the king of Hindustan,
‘The name of that strong man is Sher Shah.(8)

‘The standard of morality in that God fearing country is such,
‘That no one can plunder even an iota of other’s rights.(9)

‘To attain the kingdom, he had driven out the enemy,
‘(And the enemy) had dashed away like a cock in front of a falcon.(10)

‘From the enemy, he had snatched two horses,
‘Which were brought from the country of Iraq.(11)

‘Also, the enemy had presented him a lot of gold, and elephants,
‘Which were brought from across the (river) Nile.(12)

‘The name of one horse is Rahu and the other is Surahu.
‘Both are grand and their hooves are like the feet of the stags.(13)

‘If you can fetch me both those horses,
‘Then, after that, I will marry you.’(14)

Harking to this, she set out on her journey,
And came to a city in the country of Sher Shah.(15)

She took her position on the bank of (River) Jamuna.
She brought with her wine (to drink) and (meat) kebab to eat.(16)

When it was pitch dark and the night was through two watches,
She floated a number of bundles of fodder.(17)

When the guards observed those bundles,
They flew into rage.(18)

They fired guns on them a few times,
But they were getting engulfed with the drowsiness.(19)

She repeated the process for three or four times,
And at the end they were overpowered by the sleep.

When she realised that the guards were slumbering,
And they seemed like the injured soldiers,(21)

She walked and reached the place,
Where there originated the base of the mansion.(22)

As the time-keeper hit the gong,
She put the pegs in the wall.(23)

Climbing up the pegs, she reached the top of the building.
With the blessings of God, she noticed both the horses.(24)

She hit one guard and cut him into two,
Then at the door she destroyed two more.(25)

She met another one and cut his head off.
She struck third one and made him to drench in blood.(26)

The fourth one was slashed and fifth decimated,
The sixth became the victim of the handle of the dagger.(27)

After killing the sixth one, she leaped forward,
And wanted to slaughter the seventh one who was standing on the platform.(28)

She injured the seventh one badly,
And then, with the blessing of God, stretched her hand towards the horse.(29)

She mounted the horse and hit him so hard,
That it jumped over the wall and into the river Jamuna.(30)

For long time, the horse paddled around in water,
In the mean time the King of the Land came to know of the happening.(31)

Sher Shah, the king, bit his hand (to ascertain that it was not a dream),
And he was extremely put in predicament of the action.(32)

‘How has one taken my superb horse?
‘On God’s honour, I will pardon him, he pronounced,(33)

‘If I see that person,
‘I will forgive him and endow him a treasure.(34)

‘Strange enough, if I ever come across him,
‘I will never fly into rage.(35)

‘If he comes voluntarily,
‘I will further give him one hundred bags full of coins.’(36)

Through out the city, it was proclaimed,
‘I will forgive that robber but he must come to see me at least once.’(37)

Then the daughter of the tycoon, wearing golden turban,
And holding a shinning shield, presented herself,(38)

And said, ‘Oh, Sher Shah, the killer of lions,
‘It is me who had taken your horse in a strange way.’(39)

Listening to her the intelligent king was astounded.
And once again rapidly asked,(40)

‘Oh you the fast one, tell me how did you do it?
‘To show me, you come and replay.’(41)

She sat down on the bank of river,
And the same way she drank wine and ate kebob.(42)

Then she floated the bundles of the grass,
And this way deceived the king’s guards.(43)

To show her cleverness of going across the river,
She swam over the rough water.(44)

She killed the first guard in a similar manner,
And vanished like the dust.(45)

When the sun was just set,
She came to the same place and untied the second horse.(46)

After bridling, she mounted the horse,
And then she hit the satanic animal.(47)

The horse flew so high,
That it glided over the head of the king and jumped into the river.(48)

Swimming over the great river,
With God’s blessings, the horse went across.(49)

She dismounted, saluted the King,
And communicated aloud in Arabic.(50)

‘Oh, Sher Shah, why did you let your intelligent dispel.
‘I had taken Rahu myself but now you, yourself, gave me Surahus.’(51)

Declaring thus she galloped the horse,
And she thanked the Great Benevolent Almighty.(52)

She was pursued by numerous horse-riders,
But none could reach to catch her.(53)

All his warriors threw their turbans in front of the King,
(And said,) ‘Oh, the King of the universe and the provider,(54)

‘No one could dare to take away those horses,
‘But you gave her one yourself.(55)

‘Why, sire, did you take an oblivious decision.
‘Rahu, she had stolen but you gave her Surahu yourself.’(56)

Both the horses she took away,
And, with godly compassion, she handed over them to her friend.(57)

He married her and brought her home,
And, with celestial grace, full-filled his promise.(58)

(The Poet says),

‘Give me the cup full of liquidated poppy-husk,
‘Which may help me at the time of struggle.(59)

‘Also it is reliable to beat the enemy.
‘Even one sip of this makes one feel like an elephant.’(60)(11)

Tale Eleven – Completed

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