11 things for energy to grow:

1. Reflection on the long-term dangers of inactivity such as rebirth to a woeful state

2. Reviewing the benefits to be gained by energetic praxis

3. Remembering that no journey can ever be ended by a lazy one

4. Giving credit to the good givers of the alms-food received

5. Honoring the greatness of the prior effort of the Master

6. Honoring the greatness of the prior effort of the lineage

7. Removing laxity by perceiving light, change posture and open air

8. Avoidance of slack, lazy, sluggish, negligent and careless people

9. Friendship with enthusiastic, energetic and persistent people

10. Reviewing the four right efforts often and systematically

11. Commitment and resolute determination to arouse more energy

(from Samyutta Nikaya 46)


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