Ten thorns to wholesome delights:

1. Pleasure in society is a thorn to delight in seclusion

2. The mark of the fair is a thorn to delight in concentration on the foul

3. Pleasure in shows is a thorn to one guarding the sense-doors

4. Pleasure with consorting with women/men is a thorn to the Brahma-life

5. Sound is a thorn to attaining the first jhana

6. Thought directed and sustained is a thorn to the second jhana

7. Zest is a thorn to the third jhana

8. In-and-out breathing is a thorn to the fourth jhana

9. Awareness and feeling are a thorn to the attainment of the ending of awareness and feeling

10. Lust, malice, and delusion are thorns to Nibbana


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