108 Martyrs of World War Two<tr><td> Born</td><td> Poland</td></tr><tr><td>Died</td><td>1939 – 1945</td></tr><tr><td>Martyred by</td>

<td>German Nazis</td></tr><tr><td>Venerated in</td> <td>Roman Catholic Church</td></tr><tr><td>Beatified</td> <td>13 June 1999, Warsaw, Poland by Pope John Paul II</td></tr><tr><td>Feast</td> <td>12 June</td></tr><tr><td>Notable martyrs</td> <td>Antoni Julian Nowowiejski
Jan Franciszek Czartoryski
Hilary Paweł Januszewski</td></tr>

The 108 Martyrs of World War Two known also as 108 Blessed Polish Martyrs (Polish: 108 błogosławionych męczenników) were Roman Catholics from Poland killed during World War II by the Nazis.

Their liturgical feast day is 12 June. The 108 were beatified 13 June 1999 by Pope John Paul II at Warsaw, Poland. The group is comprised of 3 bishops, 52 priests, 26 members of male religious orders, 3 seminarians, 8 religious sisters and 9 lay people. There is a parish named for the 108 Martyrs of World War Two in Powiercie in Koło County, Poland.

List of names



Religious Brothers

Nuns and Religious Sisters

Lay people

  • Bronisław Kostkowski, alumnus (1915-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Czesław Jóźwiak (1919-1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Edward Kaźmierski (1919-1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Edward Klinik (1919-1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Franciszek Kęsy (1920-1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Franciszek Stryjas (1882-31 July 1944, Kalisz prison)
  • Jarogniew Wojciechowski (1922-1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Marianna Biernacka (1888-13 July 1943), offered her life for her unborn grandchild and was executed instead of her pregnant daughter-in-law
  • Natalia Tułasiewicz (1906-31 March 1945, died in KL Ravensbrück, in a gas chamber), a teacher from Poznan and a leader in the lay apostolate. During the occupation of Poland, she volunteered to leave for the Third Reich together with other women condemned to do heavy work in order to give them spiritual comfort. When the Gestapo found out, she was arrested, tortured, publicly humiliated and condemned to death in KL Ravensbruck. On Good Friday, she climbed a stool in the hut and spoke to the prisoners on the passion and resurrection of Jesus. Two days later, on Easter Sunday, she died in a gas chamber.
  • Stanisław Starowieyski (1895-13 IV 1941 KL Dachau)
  • Tadeusz Dulny, alumnus (1914-1942 KL Dachau)


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