Semdinli Hakkari

A view of Şemdinli.

Şemdinli (Assyrian: ܫܲܡ̱ܣܕܝܼܢ Shamizdin; Template:Lang-ku) is a district located in the Hakkari Province of southeastern Turkey. It was previously in the Ottoman vilayet of Van and the district and the district centre was called Nevşehir.[1]

This district, along with many others located in southeastern Turkey, was previously inhabited by Assyrians before World War I.[2]. Today, the majority of the citizens are Kurds.


The district of Şemdinli lies in the center of the Assyrian Nochiya Tribe. The district of Şemdinli is the heart of their tribe. It is the home of the famous Assyrian Matran Family. The Nochiya tribe of Şemdinli are well known for their adherence to the Nestorian faith, growing tobacco, and for their religious customs (such as lent and prayer were strictly observed).[2]

Şemdinli today

Located at the farthest corner of Turkey, northern-kurdistan the district of Şemdinli is a mountainous land. There is a visible military presence in the town, owing to the strategic position of the town astride a mountain route connecting the least-controllable corners of Iran and Iraq.


A bomb ripped Şemdinli town centre on November 1, 2005. It was officially attributed to the PKK, a terrorist Kurdish separatist group. A second bomb went off near a bookstore on November 9. The suspects of this attack, however, were caught in the act by bystanders. They were said to be members of a gendarmerie special-operations unit, JITEM. The resulting investigation developed into a major political issue in Turkey in the first half of 2006.[3]

Investigations concerning the Şemdinli bombing trial have been blocked by the military. All the judges and prosecutors associated with the Şemdinli bookshop bombing case were transferred from Van to other cities following a June 2007 decree.[4]

On 4 October 2008 Kurdish rebels killed 15 Turkish soldiers in an attack near Şemdinli. The attack is believed to be orchestrated by the militant Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).[5]

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