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İzbırak (Syriac: Zaz) is a village in the Midyat district of Mardin Province, Turkey and is about 20 kilometers north of Midyat. The village was traditionally a town dominated by Assyrians, which has in later times fled. The village is surrounded by grape gardens and fruitful trees. The middle of the village lies a popular pond (Raumo). In the upper half village is the church Mor Dimet with their castle-well-behaved structure. In the middle half of the village is Mar Shmuni, as well as Mar Gabriel in the lower half. The village was dominated by Assyrians in 1900 century, which has in later times fled into countries like Syria and Lebanon, and into Europe.

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Coordinates: 37°31′N 41°32′E / 37.517°N 41.533°E / 37.517; 41.533Template:SEAnatolia-geo-stub

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